CRM Marketing Automation



CRM Marketing Automation

When using the Start University CRM Marketing Automation module, e-mail and text communications to students and candidates can be automatized, managed and personalized.

By combining all communications, activities and prospects data in one platform, agents don’t need to be distracted by leaving CRM to access text or emails outbox and inbox.

CRM Marketing Automation

Emails or texts automatically sent depending on configurable triggers.

• A new request for information, an attempt to contact, an application
started or any event on the pipeline can be the trigger for a predefined
message to be sent or a call to be pushed.

• Messages and frequencies can also be programmed considering elapsed
time since any given event (configurable) and additional conditions. (FI:
One week after first attempt, every day, if contact hasn’t been

CRM Marketing Automation

Email and text transparency:

• One email address and on phone number per unit.

• Leads are received by the agent to which the lead has been assigned
(Using shift tracker).

• If leads are reassigned to a new agent, the emails will appear
automatically on the new agent’s inbox.

• Complete transparency - No secret inbox/outbox.