CRM - Customer Relationship Management

Start University CRM is and advanced and intuitive cloud-hosted SaaS studentrecruitment and enrollment software that helps colleges and higher education institutions find, engage, and enroll more students by staying on top of their enrollments funnel and connecting to leads and students faster and more

The Start University CRM supports the full student life cycle, from lead tracking and enrollment management to graduation.
The activity tracking modules are easy to find to the agent, fully configurable by management and relevant to the school goals.
The activity tracking modules serve the agents during their interaction with the students and provide management with all the after-the-action info required to pull statistics and reports to get a better reading and understanding of the
enrollment and retention activities.

CRM is also powered with:

• An easy-to-use marketing automation module that combines on-the-phone activities with automatic and manual communications, either text messages or email. See Marketing Automation.

• A built-in, fully configurable, back and front-end college application portal that, combined with CRM Marketing automation, the documents manager and the Student Information System (SIS), allows schools to have all the necessary software in one integrated suite accessible with a single sign-on by school personnel, applicants, students. See Application Portal.

• A Documents platform that is designed to act as a rule enforcer and, at the same time, an agent reminder with configurable prompts Knowing what documents to request and how. See Documents Manager

• A Student Information System that enables students to manage their educational transactions and enables school agents and personnel to access all student relevant information, such as student record and academic trajectory. See Student Information System